Backpacking in Laos

Backpacking in Laos

Many backpackers traveling in Southeast Asia also visit Laos these days. Laos is a beautiful country to travel and has a lot to offer visitors. Laos opened up the borders again for tourists at the end of the 1980s/ beginning of the 1990s and tourism slowly developed into an important way of income for the country. The country is not visited by the huge numbers of tourism like in neighboring Thailand and tourism is still developing. In many parts of the country western visitors are still unique and rarely seen. If you dare to go ‘off the beaten track’ a bit you will encounter villages that didn’t change too much for a long time.

Most popular places for backpackers in Laos

Backpackers often visit the capital Vientiane, Vang Vieng, Luang Prabang, Pakse, the Bolaven Plateau and the 4,000 Islands (Si Phan Don) in the far south with Don Det as the most popular island.

Explore ‘off the beaten track’

While the places mentioned above are all absolutely worth a visit, there is a lot more to see, do and explore in Laos! Visit the ‘Plain of Jars’ in Xiangkhouang Province and use its capital Phonsavan as your base for exploring, be amazed by the stunning nature in Nong Khiaw and Ban Muang Ngoi, dive into the history of war and struggle in the wonderful caves of Viengxay in Houaphanh Province, visit a traditional island of the 4,000 Islands area named Don Som, trek through the forests close to Vieng Phouka or Luang Namtha, see the wonderful Kong Lor Cave in Khammouane Province, visit the mountains close to the border with big neigbor China in Phongsaly Province, taste Lao coffee and tea in Paksong, explore the religious Khmer era temples of Wat Phu Champasak, Wat Tomo and Wat Phu Asa, visit the remote provinces Attapeu, Salavan and Sekong, see old French building in Savannakhet and Thakhek or the caves and natural sites close to the city of Thakhek. Visit Laos and be amazed by its culture, traditions, nature and atmosphere!