Don Det

Don Det party island with a relaxed atmosphere

Don Det is a small but well-known island and part of the 4,000 Islands (Si Phan Don) area. Many bars, restaurants and guesthouses on this island cater for a (mostly younger) crowd of visitors. You can reach the island by boat from the mainland (Ban Nagassang), from Don Khong or neighboring island Don Som.

Don Det is connected with Don Khone with an old French 20th century bridge. The island is easy to explore by bicycle and has a laid back vibe. If you like to eat and drink, there are many options and for partying, drinking and eating with (new) friends. Don Det has restaurants with food from different parts of the world, such as Laos, Vietnam, Italy, India, France, Germany etc.

Where to stay?
Don Det has many guesthouses, some better than others. We recommend checking out The Boathouse (Lao, Thai, English and German spoken/ understood), Crazy Gecko or Mama Leuah.

What to do on Don Det?
Relaxing and chilling are probably the best things to do on Don Det. But if you want to get more active, there are also things to do! You can book a kayak trip and explore, there are nice places for a dip in the Mekong, nearby Don Khone offers some beautiful waterfalls and the possibility of seeing the Irrawady dolphins and cycling on Don Det, Don Khone and neighboring Don Som (for a bigger trip) are nice options as well.

Please respect Lao culture
Lao people are in general very nice people, but like in every country they would love you to respect them by following some (mostly easy) things. Please don’t walk around in a bikini in the village (bathing in it is also not seen as very normal in Laos but on Don Det they got more used to it, even though wearng a t-shirt might be more respectfull), don’t be aggressive, respect areas of religious imporance and please don’t litter (many Lao people still think it is ‘normal’ but there is no reason to follow this).

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