Don Khone

Don Khone is connected with Don Det by a bridge, and that bridge is one of several reasons why Don Khone is worth a visit. The bridge was built in the early 20th century when the French ruled the country and was part of the railway line that connected Don Det and Don Khone and helped the French shipping goods from the Lao part of the colony to the Cambodian part of French Indochina. Two locomotives of this long gone era are still standing on the island as a reminder of different times. A few years ago the locomotives got covered so they will be preserved a bit longer for future generations to see them. Some interesting displays in both Lao and English are places around the iron machines to tell more about the history of the railway line and the area as a whole. Local goats are also happy with the roof and use them to take shelter for the rain…

Don Khone has some very interesting natural attractions as well. The waterfalls Lii Phi (Tat Somphamit) and Khone Pha Soi and the endangered Irrawaddy dolphin (in Lao named paa khaa or pa lo ma) are a few of them.

Visiting Don Khone will take you back into time and if you have some imagination you can still see the train making its way through the forests of Don Khone.

What we recommend
We suggest you to stay on Don Khone for at least two nights to explore and enjoy the island. Rent a bicycle or motorbike and take a look at the waterfalls, the old French colonial era buildings, the old bridge (be careful not to fall in), locomotives and jump into the Mekong river at one of the sandy beaches (be careful for the current and if you see signs warning you for danger, don’t ingnore them, they are there with a good reason). Go for a tasty lunchr or dinner to one of the several restaurants on Don Khone. One place we highly recommend is Chez Fred et Lea Restaurant. The food is delicious and the owners very welcoming and also very knowledgeable about the present and history of the area.