Maps of Laos

Maps of Laos – detailed and great maps of southern Laos

Are you searching for good, informative and detailed maps of southern Laos? Search no longer! M Maps are probably the best ones available about the south of Laos. Many years of experience, research and knowledge are brought together in the maps made by M Maps! Available for very reasonable prices and absolutely a great guide for people who like to see more than just the tourist highlights. The maps are pocket sized so it is easy to take on your trip. The maps are also very nice ‘souvenirs’ to take home with you after your visit to Laos.

Maps NKM

The four maps available:

M Map I
Paksé Attractions

M Map II
Xé Pian
Phou Kong

Don Deng Island
Champasak Loop & Town

M Map IV
4000 Islands Riverine Archipelago


The maps are only 30,000 Kip each (3 Euro/ 4 USD/ 3 GBP). It’s also possible to send them to you (worldwide) by post so you can plan your trips beforehand.

If you are interested, please send an email to