Sport in Laos

Sport in Laos

On Lao television you will see sports matches regularly (mostly football). Many Lao people enjoy watching sports. Some of the Lao people also like to be active themselves. In this article some information about sports in Laos.

Football is the most popular sport in Laos. People like to watch matches and there is a Lao football league as well. The Lao football league is not very well-known and popular, and most people watch foreign football on TV. World Cups are also followed by many people but the Lao national team is not very likely to qualify for it in the foreseen future. Many children play football on small fields in the many villages and towns of Laos. In bigger places there are football pitches (mostly with a restaurant/ drinking place next to it).

Very popular in Laos and played by many. The sport is originally from Southeast Asia and played with a rattan ball. Great fun to play!

Muay Lao
Muay Lao (in Lao: ມວຍລາວ) is a traditional unarmed martial art from Laos. It is similar to Pradal Serev (Cambodia), Tomoi (Malaysia) and Muay Thai (Thailand).

This might be the most played sport in Laos. People like to play this and have some food and drinks with it. In many government office gardens you will find a place to play the sport and it is played by people of all ages.

Laos on the Summer Olympic Games

The first time Laos joined the Summer Olympic Games was in 1980. In 1984 boycotted the Games when it followed its big former ally the Soviet Union. Laos competed in seven Summer Olympic Games so far but never won any medals. The National Olympic Committee of Laos was formed in 1975 and officially recognized by the International Olympic Committee four years later in 1979. During the period that Laos was an independent kingdom (Kingdom of Laos) between 1953 and 1975 the country did not participate in the Summer Olympic Games.

Laos on the Winter Olympic Games
Not too surprisingly Laos never participated in the Winter Olympic Games.